Foundation Waterproofing & Crack Repair

Cold winter weather, ice, and snow can wreak havoc on your home if bulkheads aren’t properly sealed, or if cracks in your foundation allow moisture to seep in. If you have noticed that the doors of your bulkhead are not closing properly, or that cracks have begun to appear in your home’s foundation walls or floor, we strongly encourage you to have them repaired now before further damage occurs. To help you repair damages before they become larger and more expensive problems, we are now offering a $75 off Crack Repair offer if you complete the form on this page or call today.The Foundation Fix team specializes in: With COMPETITIVE PRICING and a LIFETIME WARRANTY, you can rest assured knowing that your home is sitting on a solid foundation. When ice and snow seep into even the smallest cracks in your home’s foundation, they can create a much larger and more expensive problem to resolve in the future. And during the spring thaw, when that ice melts in those cracks, it can create a costly moisture, and potentially mold, problem in your basement.


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